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Interactive Installation


In a void, projection mapping uses a 3D illusion to create space, thereby developing six interconnected chapters discussing the perspective of space. The viewers interact with the installation using their hands as if from a god’s perspective, manipulating the miniature universe.

The first video was produced in collaboration with animator Yu Chen Wei, using the familiar image of a room to represent “space”, and presenting the process of this room being built from nothing.

Chapter 1 <Shell>
This chapter shows the shell outside of the space. The interaction allows viewers to tear away the shell and observe the world inside it. A section of a speech on the holographic principle was also mixed into the soundtrack for this work.

Chapter 2 <Light and shadow>
Light and shadow are indispensable elements for humans to perceive three-dimensional space. The viewer uses hand movements to control the angle of light and observe the pattern of interaction between light, shadow and space.

Chapter 3 <Lines and Surfaces>
The interaction allows the viewer to manipulate the process, from lines and surfaces to a three-dimensional space.

Chapter 4 <Cubes>
In this chapter, the interaction between the viewer and the work causes deformations in the structure of the space, which highlights the relationship between the cube and the space.

This part was also created by the animator Yu Chen Wei. The room collapses and fades into nothingness which echoes the opening. Everything in the world originates from an unverifiable void and finally returns to nothing.

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