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AfterGlow III

interactive installation


This project is the 'afterglow' of an occupant's impact in space, both physical and perceived.

The room is reconstructed using light and sound, creating a constantly shifting perception of fluid space in constant flux, responding to the behaviour of the occupant. It captures the sound of viewers' steps to modulate it and visualizes it to shape the space.

The installation allows viewers to consider the difference between tangible physical space and perceived space from sensory perception, light and sound. We can be physically present in a space, but our minds constantly switch between and disconnect from different perceived spaces.

This project combines both the material and the immaterial to represent the dynamic of people's living experiences across differing spaces. The direct and indirect energies of light and sound switch between each other, creating a series of immersive spatial experiences. The impact of the initial energy of sound gently fades into indirect reflections and fades out, being replaced with light, illuminating the site and creating the 'afterglow'. Direct light flattens three-dimensional objects and frames the structure of the space, while indirect light leaks out subtly to imply the edge of the space. When viewers step into the room, the afterglow of their impacts alters the space they are present and shapes sensory perception.

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