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Interactive Audiovisual Installation


Each entity exists in parallel, seemingly entwined yet standing solitary. 

​"Parallel" is an interactive audiovisual installation in between performance and experience. It peels back the layers of existence to reveal the delicate balance between solitude and connection through different textures of light and sound. Parallel invites participants to engage by their movements, transforming discrete components into a living entity resonating with and responding to human interaction. We collected sound from moments of solitude, modulated it digitally based on participants' movements in real-time and visualised it with projection mapping and lights.

​Inspired by artists' migration experiences, it reflects themes of cultural integration and empathy, fostering social cohesion and mutual understanding. As we explore the interplay of light and sound, we redefine the boundaries of perception, casting light upon the depths of our shared experiences and emphasising the paradoxical beauty of interconnectedness.

Daphne Ting-Yu Chu & Teng Xue

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