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Bring to Existence

Interactive Audiovisual Installation


Without people, cultures can't continue to evolve. It needs someone to actively engage with it, someone to interact with it, to bring it into meaningful existence.

Bring into Existence is an Interactive sound-visual installation that does not exist in any form until the moment someone interacts with it. The more the people move, the variety of sound, light, and projection with motion tracking opens up layer by layer, and when the audience stops moving, it goes back to its original state.

It invites the audience into the space to conjure the artwork to life. Each individual's identity and background create unique interactive interpretations through the one element that connects us all: movement. The audience becomes a conductor of sound, lights and visuals. Driving the artwork to its final crescendo to solidify the connection between creators and audience.

This project began at the tail end of 2022 with a conversation between Taiwanese new media artist Daphne Ting Yu Chu and Scottish musician Steven Morrison. Ideas of human connection, creativity and technology crafted the elements of this work. The artists wanted to create a work that only exists when interacted with. They shared their cultural backgrounds and discovered that humanity finds common connections that cross barriers, languages and societal norms. Movement, light and sound bond us all in some way, and become a part of our
culture to open up more human experiences and connections.

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